• Compassion I_Lonely Heart/Visitation

    Compassion I_Lonely Heart/Visitation

  • Choices


  • Your Table is Ready

    Your Table is Ready

  • Broken Notes and Gin Joints

    Broken Notes and Gin Joints

  • Embracing Carrots

    Embracing Carrots

  • After the Storm II

    After the Storm II

  • Stargazer 2-2014

    Stargazer 2-2014

  • Everyone Needs Somebody

    Everyone Needs Somebody

  • Grizzly On The Move

    Grizzly On The Move

  • Fixing the Hole Where...

    Fixing the Hole Where...

  • Portrait: Mysterious I_1 2018

    Portrait: Mysterious I_1 2018

  • Evening: Havana 1 2018

    Evening: Havana 1 2018

  • Bottom Up

    Bottom Up

  • Che Guevara: Havana, Cuba 1 2018

    Che Guevara: Havana, Cuba 1 2018

  • Aspens: Dare to Differ

    Aspens: Dare to Differ

  • Complementary Colors

    Complementary Colors

  • Changes Coming

    Changes Coming

  • Aspen Leaves: Composition II

    Aspen Leaves: Composition II

  • Aspens: Fall Reflections

    Aspens: Fall Reflections

  • Elusive


  • Pepper 6 2016_Core I

    Pepper 6 2016_Core I

  • Shepherd: Where Art Thou?

    Shepherd: Where Art Thou?

  • Stargazer 5 2016_Final Act III

    Stargazer 5 2016_Final Act III

  • Stargazer 5 2016_Sensuality I

    Stargazer 5 2016_Sensuality I

  • Aspen Leaves: Composition III

    Aspen Leaves: Composition III

  • Winter Stage I

    Winter Stage I

  • Grapes and Wine 2017

    Grapes and Wine 2017

  • Figure 9 2017_05

    Figure 9 2017_05

  • Natural Weave_1

    Natural Weave_1

  • Figure 10 2017_03

    Figure 10 2017_03

  • Finishing Touch

    Finishing Touch

  • Aspene Leaves on Mylar

    Aspene Leaves on Mylar

  • Guaneri 1687

    Guaneri 1687

  • Goatsbeard


  • Left In, Left Out

    Left In, Left Out

  • Portrait Mysterious II_1 2018

    Portrait Mysterious II_1 2018

  • Call Me 1 2018_BA

    Call Me 1 2018_BA

  • Aspen Leaves_Metamorphosis

    Aspen Leaves_Metamorphosis

  • A Palette Of Colors_Aspens

    A Palette Of Colors_Aspens

  • A Very Fine House

    A Very Fine House

  • Night Out: Denver

    Night Out: Denver

  • Where It All Started

    Where It All Started

  • Compassion III_Just A Kind Word

    Compassion III_Just A Kind Word

  • Count Your Blessings

    Count Your Blessings

  • Cures. Anyone!

    Cures. Anyone!

  • Eyes On You

    Eyes On You

  • Ballet de La Habana

    Ballet de La Habana

  • Floating Droplets_Aspen Leaves

    Floating Droplets_Aspen Leaves

  • Gords I

    Gords I

  • Heavenly Gaze

    Heavenly Gaze

  • I Saw You First

    I Saw You First

  • Lasting Impressions

    Lasting Impressions

  • Lolas


  • Lost For Words

    Lost For Words

  • Persnickety


  • Cuban Chic

    Cuban Chic

  • Regal


  • Right, Left, Repeat

    Right, Left, Repeat

  • Teal Building 1875

    Teal Building 1875

  • Wind River Gathering

    Wind River Gathering

  • Women_Expression of Life

    Women_Expression of Life

  • Time and Change II

    Time and Change II

  • Time and Change I

    Time and Change I

  • Vases and Flower I_BW

    Vases and Flower I_BW

  • Vases and Flower I_R

    Vases and Flower I_R

  • Sunflower_Season Ending

    Sunflower_Season Ending

  • Colors_Persist With Time

    Colors_Persist With Time

  • Cuban Drums_Silent For Now

    Cuban Drums_Silent For Now

  • Complimentary Colors

    Complimentary Colors

  • Brother Sister

    Brother Sister

  • Brothers Mending

    Brothers Mending

  • Fern


  • Figure 9 2017_06

    Figure 9 2017_06

  • Maroon Bells, Aspen, Colorado.

    Maroon Bells, Aspen, Colorado.

  • Roots: Where Are Yours?

    Roots: Where Are Yours?

  • Stampede


  • John Lennon_John Lennon Park, Havana, Cuba

    John Lennon_John Lennon Park, Havana, Cuba

  • Still of the Night

    Still of the Night

  • The Encounter

    The Encounter

  • Untitled_YWT_1 2018

    Untitled_YWT_1 2018

  • What I See

    What I See

  • Wireless I

    Wireless I

  • Wireless II

    Wireless II

  • Reservation at Eight

    Reservation at Eight

  • Angelic Mane

    Angelic Mane

  • Vertical Palette Aspens II

    Vertical Palette Aspens II

  • Solitary Refinement I

    Solitary Refinement I

  • Surrounded by Gold II

    Surrounded by Gold II

  • da Vinci: Down at Monterey

    da Vinci: Down at Monterey

  • Harvest Reward

    Harvest Reward

  • Linem' All Up

    Linem' All Up

  • Music and Wine composition 1

    Music and Wine composition 1

  • Nature's Dance Studio

    Nature's Dance Studio

  • Yampa Tranquility

    Yampa Tranquility

  • Little Chief

    Little Chief

Introducing Steamboat Photographer and Artist Jim Gmeiner

Based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Photographer Jim Gmeiner has a passion for creating works of art.  This artwork is expressed in the form of wildlife photography, landscape photography, portrait photography, mixed media, and abstract work presented across a variety of mediums.  Jim is proud to present to you his collection to view or for purchase through the website.

"As a photographer and artist, my enjoyment is in the process of thought becoming concrete, dimensional. I see what I feel and that overpowers the sense of feeling what I see." - Jim Gmeiner

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* No image usage allowed in any manner without the written consent and approval of Jim Gmeiner *