Objects, living and non-living, exist in time and space and are ever changing; natural growth, maturity and decay. The possibilities to see, capture images and then create are infinite. An object that is imperfect can be perceived and captured as perfection. Exploring an object beyond its surface has the potential to create a novel work of art.

My enjoyment is in the process of ideas becoming concrete, dimensional. A camera can only capture what is seen, not what is felt. I process an image to transform it into visual art. For me, more often than not, the more the toil the greater the reward.

I am a retired orthopedic surgeon. In the 1970’s, my orthopedic professor, an accomplished photographer, mentored me in the art of image capture and darkroom techniques. I varied film processing and photographic papers, applied filters and layered images to achieve a piece of art. Capturing images even expanded to the anatomy lab, photographing cadaver dissections for basic science presentations and understanding surgical approaches. As with science and anatomy, I explore the images I capture. Just as curiosity will advance medicine, so it is with art. You might say, I have a Fine Art “Degree” in Observation!

Photographer Jim Gmeiner